Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Am Not Your Ace-in-the-Hole. You Are.

My path towards health and healing has not been an easy journey. And up until 2016, it wasn't very successful. During my previous nearly four decades of reading, research, study, and trial and error, my health continued to decline. I would sometimes experience stabilization, or even some improvement of a symptom, but it wouldn't last. Eventually the symptom came back or a new one developed. It was such a  frustrating and disheartening process. 

When the really weird symptoms started to develop, I knew any practioner I went to, conventional or alternative, would just look at me like I was crazy. These symptoms included one foot getting red hot, while the other one was so cold it needed a slipper; immediate leg cramps just by pointing my toes; pounding, loud heartbeat in my ear when I laid down to go to sleep; intense itching at my hips, with no visible cause; splotchy redness on the tops of both feet; tips of my second toe, on each foot, turning pale and numb when in cold weather; and restless legs. 

All of these strange symptoms are now either gone or 80-90% improved. What finally worked when everything else I tried failed? Medical Medium information. I discovered his first book in July 2016 and, since then, have been voraciously studying, learning, and implementing the information he continues to provide. 

People tend to want a quick fix. Something to calm a symptom, so they can get back to their regular life. They're generally open to natural options, as long as they aren't too hard and don't disrupt their current routine or eliminate anything they currently enjoy. That was me for a long time. I looked for a supplement or herb I could take, a diet that would help, or a practitioner that could fix me.  

What I've learned, though, is that real healing is not that simple. Real healing requires knowledge and commitment. Knowledge of the true cause of a condition, not just a theory, and what to do to heal it, and commitment to giving your body what it needs. I'm so grateful that this information is finally available, thanks to Anthony William. After decades of searching, it was definitely a hallelujah moment when I read his first book.

I am frequently asked for my take on various health issues from family and friends. I want to help as much as I can, but I've found that giving a couple of suggestions about what to do hasn't been all that helpful. A recent video by Echota Keller helped to confirm what I was starting to conclude. To truly heal, people need to learn the information themselves, directly from the original source. Echota has been healing with Medical Medium information for about as long as I have. 

When I just answer people's questions, I limit their ability to heal. They may embrace my suggestion, but they won't fully understand the real cause of their condition, what else their body may need, how other foods could be making healing difficult, and what to expect from the healing process. The one or two things I suggest may help a little bit, but it won't be enough to motivate the person to stay on that path or pursue it deeper.

While my husband's diet has improved a bit along with mine, it still has a long way to go before his body can really start healing. A while back, he said he considered me his ace-in-the-hole. If he ended up developing a condition that disrupted his life, he would look to me to help him heal. In the meantime, he wanted to continue embracing the foods and beverages he enjoys. 

After realizing how little I've been able to help others by just answering their questions, I started pondering this ace-in-the-hole designation. By immersing myself in Medical Medium information, I've finally been able to start healing. I've learned the specific causes of each of my conditions, which foods help and which ones are problematic, that healing is not linear and flare ups will happen, and that healing is a long-term process. I was able to start slowly, to keep it manageable, and then ramp things up as I was ready to take my healing to the next level.

No one can know my body better than me. No one can know better than me what I'm ready to embrace, what works for me and what doesn't, or how quickly I want to heal. And if I want to fully heal, to completely get rid of all my problem symptoms, I have to commit...every day...every bite...forever. Medical Medium can show me the path, but it's up to me to do the work.

The same goes for my mental, emotional, and structural health. My chiropractor, the awesome Scott Kolofer, can teach me how my body is connected structurally, recommend exercises and other resources to help me strengthen and gain flexibility, and provide skilled bodywork to help loosen things up and coax things in the right direction. But it's up to me to do the exercises...every matter how tired I am...even if it's only for a few minutes...forever. 

I can learn about the value of meditation and how to release triggered emotions, but I have to do the meditations. I have to stop and take time to relax through a triggered emotion to allow it to release. I can't put it off, saying I'll deal with it next time. Some form of meditation needs to happen every day, even if it's just for a few minutes before I get out of bed, and my emotions have to be released immediately after they've been triggered...every time...every day...forever.

Is this path easy? Hell no. I spend 2-4 hours each day doing kitchen work to prep my food and juices, about an hour each day meditating and doing my exercises, and 5-7 hours each week aquiring and storing fresh produce and a few other foods. Along with work and sleep, this hasn't left a whole lot of time for other activities.

Eating out at restaurants ranges from difficult to impossible. When I travel or am invited to a meal, I bring my own food. My foods are not complicated. On the contrary, they're too simple. Steamed veggies, fresh fruit, baked or steamed potatoes, leafy greens...not complicated at all. But just try to find them without salt, oil, dairy, dressing, or any other potentially troublesome additions.

This path doesn't have to be as all-consuming as I've chosen. Baby-step changes are totally okay for anyone who needs to ease into it. For me, however, when my back went out in the Fall of 2019 and I was seriously debilitated, my commitment to this healing path ramped up. It became my highest priority, and it still is.

Is this path worth it? Hell yes. Absolutely. 100%. No question. I am finally healing, and it's dang awesome.

I recently reminded my husband of his ace-in-the-hole comment. I let him know I would not take on that role. If he wants to heal, he'll have to learn the information himself and decide on his own healing path. I can point to where the information is and offer guidance here and there, but it'll be up to him to do the work. I won't spoon-feed it to him. He has to be his own ace-in-the-hole. 

From now on, this is how I'll be responding when others ask me for help with health issues. Use the Medical Medium information as your foundation. Learn the cause of your condition, learn what aggravates it, learn what heals it, and select healing options based on what feels manageable. Embrace more of his recommendations when you're ready to take your healing to the next level. 

Address other aspects of your health...mental, emotional, and a mannner that works best for you. Get support where needed. Some techniques will be helpful stepping stones, while others will be worth settling in with. Be willing to do the work. Be committed. Give your body what it needs to heal. 

I am always happy to help, but I'm not your ace-in-the-hole. You are.

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